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miYim® toys provides safe organic toys to families for memorable play experiences. We believe that families who play together stay together. We seek to improve family play time and connection through simple organic toys made with care. We are driven to grow and nourish families that play together around the globe.

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The Brand Story

  • Over 30 years ago, Han’s father, John, started a toy company known as Hosung that created a few generations of toy products that brought smiles to children’s faces and made the world a slightly brighter place. After finishing both his undergrad and grad studies in Boston, Han decided to move to Asia to learn the manufacturing side of his dad’s toy business from the ground up.

    A few years later, in 2002, Han received the tragic news that his mom was diagnosed with cancer. Facing the limitations of modern Western medicine, Han, his dad, and their entire family began thinking about more holistic approaches to wellness – and they began adjusting everything from their diets to the lifestyle products they used on a daily basis.

    To Han’s family’s delight and in answer to many prayers, Han’s mom began to recover…and is a cancer survivor to this very day! In light of the positive impact that moving toward a more natural, holistic lifestyle had on their mom, Han’s dad and family found themselves compelled to take what they learned through this difficult experience and apply it to the world they knew best — creating amazing play experiences and toys for children.

    It was for this reason that they decided to tackle the following challenge:

“Could they create the healthiest, safest toys available for children today?”

  • After thousands of hours and hundreds of thousands of dollars, miYim® toys was created. Using certified organic materials and non-toxic dyes, miYim® toys allowed parents the peace of mind that they are doing what they can do to spare their children from the unnatural, chemically tinted materials found in most other toys today.

    Ten years later, in 2012, Han’s dad retired from the toy business and Han brought miYim® into his own company. Han’s family continues to live in Brooklyn, New York, and in Asia, continuing his family’s legacy of making amazing and safe plush toys for children around the world. In addition to keeping miYim® toys eco-friendly and safe, Han’s aim is to build upon his family legacy by making his organic cotton miYim® toys even more interactive and educational so that children are not only protected physically but are stimulated mentally and encouraged emotionally as well.

    miYim® toys… inspired by family to grow and nourish families that play around the globe.

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