Why Organic Teethers Matter

Why are organic baby teethers important? An important milestone in every baby’s development is when they start teething. This usually happens within 4-6 months, although the exact time for your baby may vary depending on your family genetics. The bottom two front teeth are usually the first to show, with the upper four front teeth soon following. By the time most babies are 3 years old, they have a full set of their baby teeth.

Teething toys are important during this time because they help alleviate some of the discomfort your baby may be feeling while their teeth come in. Chewing on something with a subtle texture can be soothing for your baby’s tender gums, which in turn may be helpful for you as well! This is because some children lose sleep during teething, cry in pain, and even develop rashes from drooling while teething. Helping your baby feel better during these days could be helpful for your baby and you as well.

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While natural rubber that has been cured for a safe period of time and is only embellished with food-grade pain (i.e., Sophie the giraffe anyone?) makes for a great teether option, many children also find the rabbit and bear ears, elephant trunks, and other accessible chewable parts of our knitted organic cotton teether toys to be very helpful.

It’s for this reason miYim® is delighted to offer safer, non-toxic, GOTS certified, organic cotton teether toys and has been doing so since 2003. There are few things as useful as a safe organic teether toy to help your baby through this special developmental stage. Might this be a gift your little one might enjoy?

“Could they create the healthiest, safest toys available for children today?”

  • After thousands of hours and hundreds of thousands of dollars, miYim® toys was created. Using certified organic materials and non-toxic dyes, miYim® toys allowed parents the peace of mind that they are doing what they can do to spare their children from the unnatural, chemically tinted materials found in most other toys today.

    Ten years later, in 2012, Han’s dad retired from the toy business and Han brought miYim® into his own company. Han and his team continue to live in Brooklyn, New York, and in Asia, continuing his family’s legacy of making amazing and safe plush toys for children around the world. In addition to keeping miYim® toys eco-friendly and safe, Han’s aim is to build upon his family legacy by making his organic cotton miYim® toys even more interactive and educational so that children are not only protected physically but are stimulated mentally and encouraged emotionally as well.

    miYim® toys… inspired by family to grow and nourish families that play around the globe.